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Store, send and receive tokens & NFTs

Available both as a browser extension and a mobile application, Tofee offers you a secure key vault, seamless login, and dedicated token storage‚ÄĒproviding you with all the tools necessary to manage and safeguard your digital assets and view your NFTs.

Dive into the world of DApps

Dive deep into the decentralized universe with Tofee's dedicated web browser. Specifically designed for easy and seamless interaction, our browser ensures you get the best experience while exploring and using DApps, making the decentralized web more accessible than ever.

Safety is our priority

At tofee, we understand the importance of security in the digital age. That's why our wallet is self-custodial, giving you full control and peace of mind. With tofee, your assets are always in your safe hands, and you're in charge every step of the way.

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